An update…

One of the joys of self publishing is that there are endless opportunities for revisions. Well I suppose it is a joy….

‘Any road up’ the publication of my second ‘Jack Fortune’ story (or is it a story about Elisabeth Beacham or is it a story about Over Commander Chara? I’ll let you be the judge) has prompted me to edit their first adventure ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ to tie the two a little closer together.

Both are available on Kindle for £2.99.

If you would like a hard copy then they are available in the Amazon Bookstore but of course printing costs make them more expensive. Hard copies are also available from the CreateSpace eStore ….

The great virtue of buying hard copies through the eStore is my royalty is higher! But remember Kindle Apps are free for most mobile devices… and Kindle is great value – just look me up!


Have a Happy Christmas and Fruitful New Year


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Finally qualified for a bus pass - now hope to have the time to make use of it....
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