Self Publishing

Self publishing on Amazon or LULU is not difficult, though probably a bit frustrating first time you try. By ‘Amazon’ I mean CreateSpace (CS) which is the self-publishing arm of Amazon.

The important thing is to have something to publish.

Publishing on Kindle seems easier now and only requires you to save a file to a PDF and not use some specific converter.  Note that with Kindle it becomes more important to have a table of contents (to help navigate electronically) than it is on a paper book. Word itself can do this if you look up its help.

With a paper book the important thing is to save your Word doc to the right paper size and format that you have chosen from either Create Space or LULU. what appears on page is what will be published. You will need to create the sort of ‘front matter’ that a normal book has. Typically LULU and Create Space have different sizes. LULU has an A5 papersize but CS does not. At the end of the day good old Times New Roman is not a bad font.
And don’t forget that you can refer to your other books in the ‘rear matter’ after that fateful word, ‘THE END’

Clearly an Amazon listing is a help which makes publishing on CS a good idea.  However for UK authors it may be cheaper for customers to order via LULU which would be quicker and offer cheaper postage (since LULU also print in the UK at the time of writing). But to  complicate things the CS price to the author is cheaper than LULU.

However if you are a writer it does not mean you are a great promoter. With an ebook however you have an option to offer a low introductory price; with a paper book there are printing costs which mean that there has to be a fairly significant minimum cost.

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