Welcome, and find out about a few more words….

Hello; I’m a grandfather who enjoyed reading stories to his grandchildren so much I decided to write my own.

This is certainly a change from my day job of jabbing figures into a computer; it has allowed me free rein to flights of fancy that I long since thought left behind in childhood.

I have now published 3 collections of short stories for children and one full length Science Fiction ‘space opera’ for grown ups.

My stories are published on LULU and CreateSpace and appear in Amazon. This means they are also available on Kindle and ipad at the incredible low price of either 99 cents or 99 pence!

UPDATE: Amazon UK now print in the UK and my stories are now available on Amazon.co.uk

See my author profiles on LULU or Amazon

You can also see more information about my stories on other WordPress blogs.

Children’s stories ….

Astro the Alien –    http://astrothealien.wordpress.com

The AMAZING Adventures of Abigail and her MAGNIFICENT Magic Bed – http://themagicbed.wordpress.com/

Click HERE to look up other pages on this site to find out more about my full length novel featuring the adventures of Col. Jack Fortune of SpaceForce…

Space Opera: ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’

It’s been great fun; I just hope you will have fun reading them all.  Keep your eyes open for more additions.

About Trev

Finally qualified for a bus pass - now hope to have the time to make use of it....
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