‘On the Shoulders of Giants’

My first full length story for grown ups is entitled – ‘SPACE OPERA: ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’

It can be found on Amazon, Kindle and LULU.  It can be found through iPhone and iPad as well. Kindle apps are available for iPhone and iPad.



Paper copies are based on ‘print on demand’. Readers of hard copy in the UK may find delivery easier and postage cheaper by going through LULU.

SPACE OPERA: ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’  …

‘The Earth was running out of resources, space – and time; but it had a hope – ‘SpaceForce’. Col. Jack Fortune and his hand-picked team were about to test fly SpaceForce’s latest experimental space ship. The exotically powered engines of this ‘Q-SHIP’ could be the forerunner of taming the Solar System, and could also pioneer a realistic way to save Earth – by terraforming and colonising Mars. Fortune must put aside his misgivings and come to terms with working with the young woman whose remarkable mind had constructed this ship. Former child prodigy Professor Elisabeth Beacham has a lot to prove, to herself, to her irascible and demanding former mentor – the genius that is Lord Alexander Diamond, but not least to her new companions – Fortune and his crew. But when new unknown forces interfere and intrude it brings all their beliefs and their work into focus. Beacham must face her inner demons and Fortune must once again face up to the consequences of carrying out his duty.’

The LULU book page for English buyers is


Some sample pages fromk the book are available here…

Excerpts from ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’

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